The Future of Fairly Traded Coffees

Birds, Bees and Trees

Great Northern Roasting Company is proud to work with Pollinator Partnership to save our world's bees. In an ongoing effort to help the environment, we are donating 3% of all Birds, Bees & Trees coffee proceeds to the organization.

Our belief in the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable business compels us to only support coffee farms that are committed to the well-being of their workers, land and water. We visit our farmers in Mexico to verify their farming and production practices and to speak with them personally about fair wages for their crops. Purchasing BBT coffee supports our mission to help humanity, habitats and the environment.

Great Northern Roasting Company

100% Arabica
Directly Traded
Shade Grown
Organic Coffee

Birds, Bees & Trees Coffee Protects and Supports the Earth's Birds, Bees and Trees

This sun-dried coffee is sustainable, supports many environments and secures fair income for farmers in other countries. The coffee is grown in the shade, which keeps the trees healthy and alive, maintaining the natural habitat for birds and providing pollen for bees. Every bag of BBT coffee has a designated code on its label for online tracking so that you can learn more about where your coffee comes from as well as the farms and co-ops that grow the beans. Great Northern Roasting Company is proud to be the premier coffee roaster to offer you this sustainable coffee.

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You will not find a more environmentally-friendly or sustainable coffee than our Sun Dried Organic. Ripe coffee cherries are picked and sorted by density and laid on open patios to be carefully turned in the sun to dry. This method eliminates 100% of water use and environmental contamination (compared to conventional wet methods of processing).


Our coffee beans are grown free of chemicals, pesticides and artificial agents. Real. Simple.

USDA Organic

Our Direct Trade™ initiative provides more income for our farmers since 100% of their harvest is guaranteed to be sold. Lesser conventional programs often force farmers to prematurely harvest their crop, lowering the quality. Since they are not pressured to prematurely harvest their crop, farmers have a greater chance of producing grade one coffee. This provides more income and ensures the continued safekeeping of our trees.

Direct Trade

BBT coffee beans were grown under shaded canopy, which welcomes 94–97% more birds than in areas where coffee plants grow in the sun. The fruit matures at a slower rate, creating a more valuable coffee that also provides more income for local farmers.


Bees are the #1 pollinator on the planet and are an essential part of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, which has eliminated 30% of the bees in the United States alone. Great Northern Roasting Company is donating 3% of all proceeds from BBT to the Pollinator Partnership to promote scientific research and help fight CCD. Learn more at


Trees are priceless when it comes to survival, and our farmers understand this. Unfortunately, farmers in other countries are often forced to clear their trees for money in order to put food on the table. Our Direct Trade™ initiative guarantees farmers top dollar for their coffee and thus prevents their trees from deforestation.