I am glad you’re here. I am happy I’m here. I am excited there’s a here. This piece of the internet is meant for various shares of experience, guidance and presence mostly found from the outside world.

Morning bus


Then on. Then waiting. To see if I’ll be squished by a stranger.

Mask on. Headphones in. Eyes are still sleepy. Thinking of all the feelings. I have about all the feelings.

Smart Patch? Lawn Update

We’ve a small patch of grass. And we wanna make it better – yes, we’ve lots of natives and low/no water landscaping too but our little patch of lawn makes our dog and space really happy, so, we’re hanging on to it – we also talked about getting turf instead but it’s a ton of money to transform patches into plastic… so here’s us trying to grow more grass in our little land.


2022 Fall Garden Bed

Oct 2: Kale kale and chard (and a sunflower)
Oct 10: Parsley and radish
Oct 23: Lettuce

Our beds are off and growing! So far the starts have gotten chewed by grubs, caterpillars – squirrels also have dug around so we netted the beds and Diatomaceous Earth.

Oct 31: sprouts ! Of parsley
Nov 13: here comes the lettuce