I am glad you’re here. I am happy I’m here. I am excited there’s a here. This piece of the internet is meant for various shares of experience, guidance and presence mostly found from the outside world.

Thanksgiving 1.41p

In between the dog walks,
The confrontation talks, and letting her eat

In between the laundry loads,
The group texts, and getting a seat on the couch.

In between the job applications,
The Family dedications, and toasting the frozen bread.

It’s checking the weather,
Remembering the remembered,
And trying to take a nap.

The strains,
These stains,
And so very many insanes.

It’s this here now,
What year is it anyhow,
How could we ever forget.

It’s the new world normal,
Defining whatever’s formal,
And despite the familiar; we’ve all just met.